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Happy Women’s History Month

In 1947 an unnamed Muslim woman in Aleppo stood up against oppression, violence and political fury. This was the year that the United Nations voted to create Israel. Anger and outrage erupted amongst Arabs as they watched in disbelief as the global community decided to turn over an entire nation to another people. That anger rippled through homes and villages. In Aleppo, it erupted in a mad gang of men who stormed toward the Jewish area of town. Muslims, Jews and Christians had lived together in peace and harmony for centuries, but the political games of western powers had begun … Continue reading

Be Patience

Three people killed in the safety of their homes. Vandalism towards an Islamic school. The mysterious murder of a young man in Canada. Atheism secretly spoken of amongst our children. Sexual abuse allegations against leaders. As the headlines, tweets and posts swirl around and around and around, we are dizzy and sad and scared. ​ ‘What to do?’ we ask. ‘What about our children?’ We discuss in elevators, chat apps and FB posts. We don’t admit to the deeper fears, ‘Can I move forward?’ ‘Am I going to be ok?’ ‘Can I hold on to my faith?’ At times of … Continue reading

To Know or Not to Know: It Is Not a Question

There is a truism in every field and every domain: Those who know very little believe they know quite a bit, and those who know more recognize how little they know. In the junior high school classrooms teachers smile patiently at the loud and angry voices that are certain that, were they in charge, they would Know how to Solve the political and social problems of their time. By the time those same students are in high school they have begun to recognize that many issues and problems are nuanced, complicated and multi-layered. They have learned to ask more questions … Continue reading

There’s a Love

by Sister Jenn Crooker  We live in a world where so many of us feel alone, unguided and unsupported.  We crave deep love but seldom find it.  We pray but wonder if our prayers are being heard and answered. There is a love that does not disappoint, and a prayer that is always answered exactly as we ask it. The Prophet ﷺ said in an authentic Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari “None of you believes until I am more beloved to him than his father, his children, and all people.” The truth is that many of us, deep down, are afraid of … Continue reading

Where Do We Stand?

Join us on a tour of our lands in the east and the west, and learn how these lands have been blessed with the light of tawhīd, and filled with the love of the Prophet ﷺ and longing for him. Among Muslims all over the world – among all the inhabitants of the world – the questions pose themselves… Where do we stand? What is our role? What is our affiliation? These are grave questions, and upon their answers lie our fate in this world and the next.