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The Blessing of Maryam Ramzy – A Eulogy

January 9, 1960 – April 1, 2014 Maryam grew up in the English countryside, and could tell me the name of any flower I wondered about. As a mother of five, she and her husband opened her home to dawah – calling it a ‘dawah center’ and exchanged tending the flowers of the country with tending the hearts and lives of new Muslims and non-Muslims who were considering the path. She embraced everyone who crossed her threshold with a smile, home-cooked food and organized learning. I was introduced to Maryam as her daughters’ teacher. I have met many mothers before … Continue reading

Where Do We Stand?
Where Do We Stand

Among millions of Muslims all over the world – among all the inhabitants of the world – the questions pose themselves… Where do we stand? What is our role? What is our affiliation? These are grave questions, and upon their answers lie our fate in this world and the next. Join us on a tour of our lands in the east and the west, and learn how these lands have been blessed with the light of tawḥīd, and filled with the love of the Prophet ﷺ and longing for him.

A Gift
A gift

Anas (r) reports that the Prophet ﷺ would stand on Friday with his back leaning on a trunk that was set in the mosque and give a khutba to people. A Roman came to him and said, “Shall I not make for you that which you will sit upon and it will be as though you are standing?” and he made a minbar for him which had two steps and a third that he would sit upon. When the Prophet of God ﷺ sat upon that minbar the trunk moaned as the lowing of an ox such that the mosque … Continue reading

The Birth

The Earth held no prophet. Its people were lost in an utter darkness – no prophet, no current message, no light for souls seeking solace. The last prophet had lived and left the Earth hundreds of years ago. There was an utter deprivation of righteousness. There was a hunger and a yearning for the return of the Divine Will – for the presence of one who would reflect that light. A Jew ran through the streets of Mecca asking, “Was anyone born to you on this night?” None were sure and he cried out to them, “Find out, for on … Continue reading

Find Your Voice

‘My sisters, my daughters, my friends – find your voice,’ Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said after collecting her Nobel Prize in 2011. Can you hear her? A woman’s voice tells us about the immigration of the Muslims to Abyssinia. Another woman’s voice tells us details of our beloved Prophet’s ﷺ life. A woman’s voice gave protection to an enemy of Islam in Madina. And a woman’s voice chanted out cures for people suffering from psoriasis. Our prophetic tradition is ripe with the voices of women, their opinions, their disagreements, and their ideas. The women of the prophetic era had a … Continue reading