The Prophet ﷺ said, “Who does not thank people, has not thanked Allah ﷻ.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi) Thank you Rabata Board members for agreeing to get on this roller-coaster ride in 2012 when it looked like we were only going to be arranging tours, and then sticking by me and the work when it grew into multiple layers of projects and programs. May Allah reward you in all the multiple layers of your lives. Thank you Registrar and Birth-mother of Ribaat for taking an idea and some instructions and turning it into the only interactive, certified, online academic program for adult … Continue reading

Project Lina comes to Minnesota!

At long last, we will be holding a Project Lina Workshop for female converts in St. Paul, Minnesota! Join Anse Tamara for this weekend workshop, which includes entertainment and a homemade turkey dinner. Saturday, Dec 6th (9am-3pm) Sunday, Dec 7th (5pm) All female converts to Islam welcome! $20 course fee which covers course materials, refreshments and turkey dinner. $15 for those attending on Sunday only. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds) Click here to register today! **Project Lina is a two-day in depth discussion on what it means to be a female Muslim convert. Join us as … Continue reading

Hajj Chronicles #2

“Hajj is ʿArafāt…” ﷺ On this barren plain millions of people stand and sit asking Allah ﷻ to forgive them a lifetime of sin and misdeeds. Some are inside tents, others are standing under the beating sun. Some are in tears as their lives pour out into their duʿāʾ, others cannot think of anything to say. I sat on a white plastic chair, placed in front of a white wall that jutted out from our tent, next to a thirsty tree. Next to me a woman lay on the ground with a circle of beads in her gray and wrinkled … Continue reading

Hajj Chronicles

The night was still dark as I stopped and handed over 5 riyals for a wooden cane. The short climb from the bus to the top of the hill, the point where the stairs began that led up, up, up into the starry sky, had been difficult. I figured I wouldn’t make it up those stairs without a cane. The steps were awkward and misshapen, but solid and wide. I slammed my cane into each one and stepped up again and again. After twenty minutes of climbing I was tired and worried that I might not make it. I slowed … Continue reading

Pilgrims at Home 2014

Pilgrims at Home is Rabata’s annual ibadah competition, wherein teams of 5 participants compete to partake in as much ibadah as possible. The competition takes place over the first 10 days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, in solidarity with the pilgrims who are simultaneously performing the Hajj pilgrimage in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This year’s competition will begin Thursday September 25th. In the past, sisters have found they able to do much more ibadah than they ever thought possible! They were also able to identify specific effects of this ibadah in their lives and experienced openings in … Continue reading