Ramadan Readiness 2015 Registration
Ribaat Student of the Month – April 2015

For me wearing a headscarf was always a push/pull inner battle. Do I give up my identity as just another American girl or do I tell the world that this is who I am? It’s a big deal. Very intimidating and I was extremely unsure of the process. I only knew Muslimahs that were from my husband’s culture, so trying to figure things out was that much more difficult when trying to separate the information I received into two categories: religion or culture? Then there was the part of me that wanted to do it “right” and be perfect about … Continue reading

Adab: The Distinguishing Quality

I often wonder what might have been written about the Prophet ﷺ if he had visited Japan, Europe, or the indigenous peoples of the American continents. We know, for example, that the Prophet ﷺ ate in the most beautiful way: clean, tidy and in the custom of the Arabs. He ate with his hands. If he had traveled to Japan and been offered chopsticks, would he have pushed them aside and thrust his hand into bowl of rice? In Europe, would he have refused a knife offered him? Amongst indigenous peoples, would he have taken food from the communal pot … Continue reading

Happy Women’s History Month

In 1947 an unnamed Muslim woman in Aleppo stood up against oppression, violence and political fury. This was the year that the United Nations voted to create Israel. Anger and outrage erupted amongst Arabs as they watched in disbelief as the global community decided to turn over an entire nation to another people. That anger rippled through homes and villages. In Aleppo, it erupted in a mad gang of men who stormed toward the Jewish area of town. Muslims, Jews and Christians had lived together in peace and harmony for centuries, but the political games of western powers had begun … Continue reading

Be Patience

Three people killed in the safety of their homes. Vandalism towards an Islamic school. The mysterious murder of a young man in Canada. Atheism secretly spoken of amongst our children. Sexual abuse allegations against leaders. As the headlines, tweets and posts swirl around and around and around, we are dizzy and sad and scared. ​ ‘What to do?’ we ask. ‘What about our children?’ We discuss in elevators, chat apps and FB posts. We don’t admit to the deeper fears, ‘Can I move forward?’ ‘Am I going to be ok?’ ‘Can I hold on to my faith?’ At times of … Continue reading