Pilgrims at Home 2014

Pilgrims at Home is Rabata’s annual ibadah competition, wherein teams of 5 participants compete to partake in as much ibadah as possible. The competition takes place over the first 10 days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, in solidarity with the pilgrims who are simultaneously performing the Hajj pilgrimage in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This year’s competition will begin Thursday September 25th. In the past, sisters have found they able to do much more ibadah than they ever thought possible! They were also able to identify specific effects of this ibadah in their lives and experienced openings in … Continue reading

Soak in Love

The great poet Ibn al-Farīd said in a line of poetry, “Some people claimed to face love, but turned away. They claimed to swim the oceans of love but did not get wet.” The word love is a mystery. It conjures up the color red, pink roses, shiny jewels, and fancy dresses. The word love makes us think of chubby babies, soft grandparents, and kind-hearted spouses. It might make us think of mountains, autumn, or pandas. When we think about loving our children, we recognize the hard work that goes into that love. We willingly leave our beds at night … Continue reading

Let’s think a little deeply..

Many of us would be surprised to discover how much of our thinking is based in existentialism and post-modern philosophy. We see Sartre’s gloom and despair everywhere. He tells us that what meaning there is in life, we must create. He leaves us feeling both responsible for our boredom and anxious about our inability to create meaning in the sink of dishes. In the Postmodern influence on our lives, we are presented with a situational ethic – a feeling that there is no real Truth. Hence all actions are subject to the litmus test of ‘it seems right’ as opposed … Continue reading

Broken Hearts

Broken heart syndrome is a medical term for someone who had few risk factors for heart disease and was previously healthy before a physical weakening of the heart due to emotional stress.  Often considered the stuff of literature, science today recognizes that our physical hearts are affected by great trauma and stress. One can indeed die of a broken heart. With this in mind I ponder the state of hearts. I think about the heart of the mother who has lost all of her children. I think about another mother whose child lives, but flirts with atheism and sin. My … Continue reading

30 First Dates: 13 Years On

Rabata presents the Ramadan series, 30 First Dates, where we share heartwarming stories of converts’ challenges and successes in fasting their first Ramadan.  Every Ramadan is like a first date. But it’s not completely blind. We know each other. We’ve met each other before. But each time, it’s different. We’ve grown and have to learn new ways of being together. We have to relearn the taste of dates. The taste of a month-long date, the taste of many dates all month long, the taste of nutritious fiber for the soul.  Sure, I clean myself up, clean up the house, perfume … Continue reading