Ribaat Student of the Month ~ June 2017

Ribaat student of the month zarina

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Zarina AliQaiser Qureshi recently joined the Ribaat Academic Program and is already making waves. Finding free time is not always easy for the busy mom of five, who works full-time as an administrative assistant and is currently taking paralegal courses at a community college....

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ April 2017

Ribaat student of the month 2017 andrea

Pumpkin. That is what drew Andrea Cluck to join Ribaat. Yes, pumpkin. While attending a Lina Forward meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she was virtually introduced to Anse Tamara Gray. “When Anse told us that we should eat pumpkin (roasted with butter and sugar) as it’s a practice of Prophet...

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ March 2017

Ribaat student of the month may

While Houston is known for its space and science contributions, it is also home to some sincerely dedicated Ribaat students. May Gaafar is the third student of the month nominee from Houston. Along with being a mom of four, she too is setting a great example and making serious headway...

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ February 2017

Ribaat student of the month Nosaiba

Nosaiba Hakim is a British-Lebanese pharmacist who loves to help others and make a difference in people’s lives. Since joining the Ribaat Academic Program, she has seen a big difference in her own life. Introduced to the program by her sister, Nosaiba has been a student with Ribaat for over...

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Malaysia Blog 3 by Dr. Saadia Mian

Five days after arriving in Malaysia, we took a 24-hour trip to Singapore to visit different teaching institutes. After an almost two hour flight, we went first to visit an organization called MIJ (My Islamic Journey). It is the only school for children with special needs in Singapore and was...

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Malaysia Blog 2 by Dr. Saadia Mian

One of my favorite places we visited was Yayasan Restu, or Restu Foundation. ‘Restu’ means ‘blessed permission.’ It is an institution dedicated to teaching Islamic calligraphy, and the production of Qurans that are distributed around the world. Anse Tamara Gray spoke to an audience of about 200 people on the...

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Malaysia Blog 1, by Dr. Saadia Mian

Five years after the official launch of Rabata, we are starting off the new year on our Rabata Malaysia tour, watching the blossoming of a seed that was planted during the Rabata Ramadan tour in 2012. When Anse Tamara visited Washington DC that summer, Whittni Brown, a writer and homeschooling...

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ January 2017


Greetings of peace upon you all. I am Whittni Brown, born and raised in Washington, D.C. I am currently a blogging and home-schooling mom, as well as a consulting art teacher for local schools and events. I have worn several different hats in various fields such as being a librarian...

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ December 2016


It had been many years since Seattle resident Laura Poyneer had pursued any kind of formal studies. One specific subject that made her apprehensive was Arabic. She had tried to learn it on her own in the past but was never able to get very far. Then one day she...

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Ribaat Student of the Month ~ November 2016


As salaamu alaikum. My name is Leen Jaber, and I was born and raised in Chicago. I’m of Palestinian descent and work as a freelance writer. I was born visually impaired with quite a lot of vision loss. While it has always posed great challenges, I have never let it...

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