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Pop-in for dinner, online programming, and awards for pledges at this year’s Ramadan fundraiser!

Rabata is a nonprofit organization that promotes positive cultural change through creative educational experiences. We build spaces for Muslim women to learn and grow in the shelter of each other, to reconnect to Islamic scholarship, and to uplift the wider community.

This Ramadan, we are creating the opportunity for everyone to bring Rabata to his or her home. We will provide information, videos, and support; hosts will provide space, connection, and food. Together, we can stretch the Rabata ribbon of empowerment, faith, and learning to every mother, sister, daughter, father, brother, and son.

So pop over to a locally-hosted dinner, pop over to our third space in Minnesota for nightly Qur’an and tarawih in our pop-up Ramadan Mosque, pop over to any one of our online spaces for spiritually uplifting and educational opportunities, or pop over to our website to donate as an individual and help us reach new heights in our programs and projects.

Pop-in, pop-up, and pop-over for your chance at popping up the scales of reward during Ramadan.

We are popping with anticipation at this opportunity. Pop-over and let’s pop-in to positive cultural change together!



Checks can be made out to Rabata and mailed to:


720 Washington Ave. SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414

Make a Sustainable Contribution

Make a One Time Gift

Contribute to the Ribaat Student Scholarship


Rabata, Inc. is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS.

Section 501(c)(3) Tax Identification Number: 46-4208628

Communities that host a Rabata dinner will be eligible for gifts based on the amount raised. A full list of those gifts is below. To host a dinner in your location, please email scheduleanevent@rabata.org.

$50,000: A weekend retreat with Anse Tamara, coordinated with the Rabata scheduling team. She can offer one of the following workshops:

     1) Project Lina

     2) Falah

     3) Another topic, to be discussed with the Rabata scheduling team

$25,000: 20 free Ribaat courses with the course books provided, which can be given to anyone in the community

$15,000: 25 signed copies of Joy Jots by Anse Tamara Gray

$5,000: 20 Rabata Tahajjud candles

$1,000: 2 Daybreak Press publications donated to the school or library of your choice


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