Schedule a visit to your classroom by one of our authors. Learn about the process of writing and publishing to encourage a new generation of writers!

There is no motivation for a growing student, literary enthusiast, or budding writer that provides more thrill than speaking with someone who is living their dream as a published author. The authors at Daybreak Press span continents and have conducted visits to many classrooms, book clubs, and writing circles. At each gathering, they bring a special light that embraces attendees, from elementary aged bundles of energy and curiosity to seasoned professionals that are interested in learning about unique writing techniques and personal drive.

Inviting our authors into your area is a fruitful opportunity to give your school or community circle a glimpse into the adventures of writing and publishing. Currently, our authors are located in the United States, England, and Pakistan and enjoy traveling to share the joy of their work!

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Develop authentic and independent writing skills in elementary to high school aged students. Writing workshops by the Daybreak Press team will develop a student’s skills and allow their personal creativity to shine through.

The Daybreak Team staff is full of educators, writers and other professionals who have trained and studied the field of language arts – from creative writing and literature to rhetoric and more!

At each workshop, students will be able to embrace their inner linguistic artist and author their own work through creative activities and writing prompts.

Daybreak Press offers group workshops, alongside individual ventures in a classroom environment. Our writing workshops can be tailored to suit ongoing curriculum appropriate themes to enhance a student’s comprehension of related material and give them a boost of confidence!

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In an age when a good chunk of every nightly newscast involves Muslims as either perpetrators or victims of violence, teachers are often left wondering how to teach objectively about one-quarter of the world’s population – Muslims. Najiyah Maxfield and Rabata are now proud to offer “Seeds of Peace: Teaching about Islam and Muslims.” Seeds of Peace is a half-day workshop for teachers that offers context, insights and, yes, lesson plans that answer all the stickiest questions and helps teachers battle Islamophobia in the classroom.

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