500 over 50

Anse Tamara was honored as being one of the 2017 ‘Minnesota 50 over 50’ leaders who are inspiring and serving their communities!


We at Rabata are excited to celebrate this award with our 500 Over 50 campaign. Rabata’s goal in honor of Anse Tamara’s recognition is to join hands with 500 people who will commit to gifting Rabata $50 a month. Please join us in uplifting her work in this way!


Rabata is working to create deep positive cultural change. We publish fiction, non-fiction and academic books at Daybreak Press, create curriculum through Leadership & Legacy, and educate future female scholars at Ribaat.  Our Circles of Light activities have brought peace to women around the world, Project Lina supports converts, and Daybreak Bookshop is a successful community outreach program and social justice bookstore.


Celebrate Anse Tamara’s leadership and help us build a legacy for generations to come. Commit to $50 a month, or $1.60 per day, and help us continue to promote positive cultural change for generations to come!


Yes! I will donate $50 a month to reap the rewards of sadaqah jāriya (an ongoing charity) and help Rabata make a difference worldwide.