Celebrate the Muslim women who have contributed greatly to their society throughout history.

Leadership and Legacy is Rabata’s curriculum design endeavor: creating empowering materials and highlighting positive role models for Islamic schools. This project also creates inclusive materials featuring Muslim representation for public schools.

Leadership and Legacy brings forth a highly successful Muslim women in history program that has already been adopted in a number of schools. Leadership and Legacy also creates lesson plans for our Daybreak Press books, engages in research and provides onsite teacher training! Teacher training, staff support, and classroom visits available! 

Leadership and Legacy curriculum material for Women’s History Month CAN BE FOUND HERE

Lesson plans available for middle grade young adult novel Sophia’s Journal  by Najiyah Maxfield and three-time gold seal award-winning children’s book Drummer Girl written by Hiba Masood and illustrated by Hoda Hodadi.  Take a look at these free lesson plans and supplementary materials for educators worldwide HERE.