Ribaat is the online learning wing of Rabata which offers academic courses and certification programs in Islamic studies for women, by women. Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Women’s spirituality:
Rabata is dedicated to building spiritual ties between women, the spiritual upbringing of women by women, and the establishment of the female voice in scholarship. Here you will find blogs and talks by Anse Tamara Gray, guest blogs, and more on Rabata activities including Circles of Light, Retreats, Daybreak Press, Project Lina, and more.
Peacespective “aims to embolden Muslim women by providing a deeper understanding of tawheed, to bring ease to their lives with practical tips for the many roles they carry, and finally to enable them through a new perspective to quickly regain their sense of peace.” Here you can find essays and answers to help women understand ways to fulfill their various roles in life with a feeling of peace.

Wives of Jannah is a relationship counseling service run by sister Megan Wyatt and her husband. Offers private counseling, online and in-person workshops, and life coaching.

Mental Health:
Khalil Center offers online and in-person mental health counseling with a Muslim spiritual perspective by licensed medical professionals.

Online Bookstores:
Website of Daybreak press as well as Daybreak Global Bookshop in Minneapolis, MN. Search here for quality Islamic books for adults and children, as well as books on other topics including faith, social justice, and women’s empowerment. Be sure to check out Daybreak Press original publications. Or if you are in the Twin Cities area, stop in for halaqahs and other events with Anse Tamara.

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